Maghreb المغرب العربي

Maghreb means West or Sunset. The Word is derived from the word GHARABA “the sun goes down”. So Maghreb is wehre the sun goes down.

 Maghreb means also the countries in North Africa. The countries of the Maghreb have a lot in common: geography (Atlas mountains), history, culture, language. The Maghreb is influenced by different cultures: African, Phoenician, Roman, Arabic, Berber, European. The languages of the Maghreb are Arabic, Amazigh. French is spread much in the business world. Many business people also speak English, German or Spanish.

The UMA (Union du Maghreb Arabe) was founded in 1989 by Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. Seat of the Union is in Rabat, Morocco.

Mashriq or Mashreq in Arabic means East or Sunrise.المشرق هو المشرق العربي او مشرق الشمس
Maghreb or Maghrib means West or Sunset.المغرب هو الغرب او غروب الشمس
Maghreb (with e) means the North African Countries /Mauretania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya)بالمغرب العربي نقصد شمال افرقيا(موريتانيا و المغرب و الجزائر و تونس و ليبيا)
Maghrib (with i) means Moroccoالمغرب هو المغرب الأقصى


Maghreb countries